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Atlas Elektronik Demonstrates Simultaneous Operations of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


Atlas Elektronik has demonstrated Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) at the company owned test site in Bincleaves, Dorset, UK. A select group of commercial customers was invited to witness the SeaWolf and SeaOtter MK II AUVs in action. The SeaOtter MkII was equipped with multiple sensor systems included a new side scan sonar, multibeam echosounder and camera. During the demonstration the vehicle autonomously sailed on a transit course into the survey area, it conduct a survey with transecting lines, followed by a transit section back to the launch point. Another demonstration was performed by the hybrid AUV/ROV SeaWolf, conducting a simultaneous survey operation surveying the seabed in shallow water, at depths between 5 and 8m using side scan sonar. The SeaWolf conducted a lawnmower pattern survey with tight line spacing. “We demonstrated the feasibility of having multiple AUVs simultaneously operating in the water” said said Sven-Christian Hesse, Head of UUV programs at Atlas Elektronik. “These AUVs can quickly survey large areas of seabed from the convenience of sheltered facilities such as a harbor.” Jesper Peter Menne Baunsgaard, sales manager for Atlas Maridan added that these AUVs have moved beyond the technology now, “this is when we focus our attention on the applications we are able to facilitate for our customers.The AUVs can carry multiple payloads according to the requirements by the customers and the combination of these and their integration with the MARPOS navigation system makes the possibilities for application virtually unlimited.” Baunsgaard said.

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